About me

Lisa Reswick

I was the kind of kid who enjoyed diagramming sentences. Not surprising I grew up to be a writer, starting in the world of publishing, where I wrote everything from marketing copy for scholarly books to cover copy for self-help titles and steamy “bodice-ripper” romance novels.

After heading up the copy department for a software company, I made the leap into the big, bad world of “Mad Men.” (Okay, it wasn’t the 60s, and I never had a boss who looked remotely like Jon Hamm, but I did have one who smoked constantly in meetings –using a cigarette holder no less–and threatened to fire anyone who complained.)

I wrote copy for phone services, investments, airlines, liquor, and cars.

After a traumatic sales meeting where I was required to drive a sedan full of car dealers around a racing track as part of my writer’s research, I switched to the world of healthcare advertising. It felt a lot safer.

Recently, to explore my interest in media-based healthcare education, I went back to school for my master’s degree in Digital Media Design for Learning from NYU. My thesis project is a mobile app to help young people cope with anxiety.

If only something like that had existed back when I was driving those car dealers over sand dunes.